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The Nutritional Risk Screening System (NRS System) is the world's only integrated system for screening nutritional risk based on the NatFrame concept of Care Processes and Accountability Processes.

NatFrame concept

Care Processes
Guide the nutritional screening of the resident, and the identification, implementation and evaluation of any interventions that may be required.

Accountability Processes
Outline both strategies for auditing facility performance, and access to a benchmarking service for comparing performance with other unrelated facilities.


The benefits of introducing an integrated nutritional risk identification and management system include:

  1. Cost Savings
    The ready-made fully-integrated Nutritional Risk Screening System saves you the time, expense, effort (and potential error) of developing policies, procedures and accountability processes from scratch.
  2. Documentation
    Documentation supports compliance with Standard 2:10 Nutrition & Hydration, which prescribes that:
    1. residents' nutrition and hydration needs are assessed, documented, regularly reviewed and acted upon;
    2. residents receive sufficient food and fluid to meet their nutritional requirements.
  3. Improve Quality of Life
    Earlier interventions mean faster resident recovery and more effective use of nutrition interventions.


The Nutritional Risk Screening System

  • requires very little extra time to integrate into your organisation's system,
  • is quick and easy to complete - takes about 2 minutes if completed during Resident of the Day evaluations,
  • has had its reliability and validity tested for the residential Aged Care sector. Please click on the link for a summary of common screening tools in use in the residential Aged Care sector - NatFrame comparison sheet
  • is internationally unique as it is a fully developed system.
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