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NRS Module 1

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Module 1

Includes the following tools and forms in a booklet plus a CD of printable templates:

NRS Policy Template
A policy template to support your management strategies which you can modify to suit your facility's practices.

NRS System Tool
Categorizes each resident's nutritional risk as Low, Moderate or High

  • Low risk then continue to monitor,
  • Moderate risk then you initiate interventions,
  • High risk then you initiate interventions and refer to the Dietitian.

NRS System Management Strategies
Outlines nutrition management strategies at each level of nutritional risk

NRS System Interventions Administration Guide
Guides decision-making with regard to appropriate nutrition interventions, ie can the resident eat more food, the addition of defined foodstuffs to specific meals, the provision of nutrition support products.

NRS System Monitoring & Evaluation Form
Enables the effectiveness of nutrition intervention(s) to be monitored

  • has the intervention been successful (now Low risk)?
  • has there been an improvement?
  • what actions will then be initiated such as ceasing, continuing, or changing the intervention?

NRS System Audits
An auditing system that enables within-facility monitoring of system compliance. Questions to audit include

  • are nutrition interventions commenced in a timely manner?
  • is the effectiveness of the intervention being monitored?


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