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Medications and Nutrition A Quick Reference for Busy Clinicians

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This reference manual lists a comprehensive range of drugs available in Australia that are associated with the drug:nutrition interface i.e. drug effects on nutritional factors (drug-nutrient interactions, drug-food interactions) and the effects of nutritional factors on drug effects (eg malnutrition, weight change).

For ease of use the drugs are listed alphabetically by both trade name (brand name) and generic name and the information is presented in table format.

Information is presented under the following headings:

  1. Nutrients affected
  2. Adverse reactions - nutritional
  3. Biochemical factors - nutritional
  4. Nutritional care - which has a number of sub-headings which include (as available)
    -:- Pharmacokinetics - binding to plasma proteins, association with cytochrome P450 pathway, impact on glycaemic control, as well as other relevant information
    -:- Drug-Food Interactions
    -:- Drug-Nutrient Interactions
    -:- Non-oral - enteral and parenteral recommendations
    -:- Impaired Swallow
    -:- Ingredients  - relating to medical (gluten, lactose, phenylalanine), cultural (pork, beef, alcohol, vegetarianism), religious (pork, beef, alcohol, vegetarianism), personal philosophy (salt, fat, vegetarianism)

Print edition no longer available as the printed contents are far in excess of one large binder, and carrrying 2 large binders is both heavy and unwieldy.

Please visit our new website for more information and for purchase options.



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