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Medications and Nutrition Online User Information

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  1. Drugs are listed alphabetically.
  2. Drugs are listed by both trade name and generic name.
  3. Drug names in bold are generic names.
  4. Drug function is in italics.
  5. Degree of effect of either nutrients affected or adverse reactions is not prioritised.
  6. Contradictory information is included.
  7. Entries have standardised sequencing.

How to Present the Information

The composite side effects of multiple medications (polypharmacy) are best presented in a table as outlined below. Write in drug name, vitamins and minerals affected (if any) and tick the adverse reactions pertaining to that drug.

Drug Name

Nutrients Affected




↑↓ Wt

↑↓ Appetite

Taste Changes

Dry Mouth

↑↓ BSL

drug a

Mg, Zn, B12, Fe




drug b

B12, folate, B2






drug c

B12, Fe, folate, biotin, B6




drug d

B12, I, Fe, B2






BPP – binding to plasma proteins,   N – nausea,   V – vomiting,   C – constipation,   D – diarrhoea,   BSL – blood sugar levels


Nutrients Affected

If three or more drugs affect a specific nutrient then it is advisable to regularly monitor the status of each of those nutrients eg B12, Fe.

Side Effects

If the patient/resident experiences a specific side effect such as a dry mouth, and that problem is a side effect of some of the drugs prescribed, then it is likely drug(s) are exacerbating that problem. It is then advisable to review the drugs and their doses.

Binding to Plasma Proteins

The plasma proteins are the primary transporters for a significant number of medications. If there is greater than 90% binding of drug to plasma proteins, then hypoproteinaemia (low plasma proteins) may alter the effects of the medications. There are now recommendations for dose titration for drugs such as frusemide if hypoproteinaemic.

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