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Finger Foods A Three-week Menu and Recipes

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Why we should eat with our fingers

  • tradition – we ate with fingers before forks were invented,
  • increases awareness of the food being eaten – cutlery permits distraction,
  • increases engagement with the food including how you will gather it, how much you need for one mouthful, how to hold the food so it does not spill/fall out,
  • improves digestion – feeling the food with fingers sends a signal to the digestive system that you are about to eat and so digestive juices and enzymes are released in anticipation,
  • feeling the food with fingers signals the spiciness of the food,
  • feeling the food with fingers signals the temperature of the food and therefore safety as you can’t burn your mouth if the food is too hot to touch,
  • slows the rate and amount of food being consumed as it takes time to prepare each mouthful,
  • engages all senses – we already eat with our other 4 senses (sight, smell, sound, taste), fingers add the 5th sense – touch/tactility,
  • increases dexterity – having to break bread with one hand increases muscle strength in that hand,
  • reduces waste – it is easier to pick up the last morsels on the plate, and to access all the meat on bones,
  • generates an intimacy when people eat from the same dish,
  • it’s fun – eating with fingers is more informal and fun.

Stories from people who have used our book:

Story 1 – disabled child

My 12 year old granddaughter has cerebral palsy and is too embarrassed to eat at the table with other family members because of the mess she makes. Being served finger foods enables her to eat with the other family members, independently and with dignity.

Story 2 – recently bereaved elderly man

My parents had been married for 50+ years and the household tasks were divided into indoors for Mum, and outdoors for Dad. Whilst Mum was alive, Dad’s food magically appeared on the table at the prerequisite times. When Mum died, Dad did not know how to cook, amongst many other indoor household tasks – the finger food book gave him a meal structure to follow, and simple recipes to cook, all at the time of grieving a profound loss, and consequently made an important contribution to his coping with his loss and grief.

Story 3 – unwell, elderly lady

I have been undergoing extensive difficult treatment for a nasty diagnosis, and often don’t feel like eating a meal. Being able to batch cook the finger foods and then freeze the dishes in single serves means I can graze as I wish and still eat well.

Story 4 – nursing home manager

We found the residents ate more food when we served finger foods, and so have incorporated finger food choices onto the evening meal menu. Serving healthy finger foods has both contributed to residents improved food intake, behaviours and sleep, and reduced workload on the evening staff due to fewer residents requiring as much assistance with their meals.

Story 5 – problem-solving

My 6-year-old niece was only known on a polite basis – and then one day I had to babysit her. We decided to make some date and banana balls. We sat around the table and chopped dates, mashed bananas, mixed all the ingredients together and rolled the final mixture into balls. As we worked we chatted and solved the problems of the world – it was a lovely opportunity to get to know my niece.

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