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DrugNut Labels

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Whilst there is increasing evidence of drugs impacting on nutritional status and nutritional factors altering drug effect, there is minimal inclusion of these impacts in regular clinical evaluations.

A key reason for lack of inclusion is a lack of format in which to provide the evidence in a clinically meaningful manner.

Key issues that require identification include

  • the nutrients altered by each prescribed drug, and
  • the nutrients that alter the effect of each prescribed drug.

The easiest presentation strategy is a table, based on a quick tick method, and that once completed quickly shows areas of concern. Once areas of concern have been identified then nutritional strategies can be initiated to address any identified issues.

Nutrition Consultants Australia has developed DrugNut labels to facilitate easy presentation of this important information.

In 2012, during a 6-month period, we surveyed the variety and number of drugs prescribed to a sample population of residents in residential Aged Care facilities in the Melbourne metropolitan area. We found the average number of drugs prescribed per resident was 9, and the minimax range was 2-15.

As a consequence of these findings our labels are available in 2 sizes

  • 10 drugs per label and 4 labels per sheet
  • 4 drugs per label and 5 labels per sheet


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