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You know how a nutritional risk screening procedure is typically based on a change of weight of +/- 2kg? And if there is a weight loss it is followed up with a nutrition support product intervention and automatic referral to a dietitian.

It is such a simple policy and procedure – and expensive to implement and sustain.

What we did was develop a nutritional risk screening tool plus the system to support it so that there is a seamless whole product. The reason we did this was to encourage our clients to be as independent as possible in their management of nutritional risk and so that their referrals to the dietitian were appropriate.

In fact the benefits of our nutritional risk screening system include

  •  timely interventions which means cost savings and longer-stay residents as they stay well for longer,
  •  templates which mean minimal time required to customise to your requirements,
  • access to auditing tools which means you can monitor the effectiveness of your interventions
  • access to a benchmarking service which means you can compare your performance with similar sites

And because our clients have taken the time to integrate our System they are as independent as is possible in their nutritional risk management


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